International Roaming

You can travel and roam around the world with your amaysim mobile in over 50 countries. Keep in mind that while your amaysim mobile plan and international phone plan makes it easy to call internationally from Australia, international roaming outside of Australia can be quite costly even though it is easy and convenient.

We recommendGrabbing a local SIM to get the best bang for your buck whilst abroad.

want to roam?

check international roaming rates

You can check the roaming rates for the country you're visiting (search country below).

enable international roaming

Login to My amaysim or the amaysim app to change your roaming settings.

add credit

If you have a prepaid account, you'll need additional credit to roam. If you have a postpaid account, roaming charges will be added to your bill.

track your usage

Keep an eye on your usage with My amaysim or the amaysim app.

roaming help

How can I activate international roaming?

Quick answer

You can activate international roaming through My Settings in My amaysim or the Settings tab of the amaysim app. You can switch roaming off at any time in these areas.

Managing roaming spend and usage alerts

Quick answer

When you enable International Roaming, you’ll be asked how you’d like to receive usage notifications for any roaming charges. You can choose to receive these notifications via SMS, email or both (recommended).

Note: If you access your email on a roaming device, you'll be charged the applicable data roaming rate to retrieve any emails. We recommend connecting to nearby Wi-Fi networks when checking for email notifications to help you avoid data roaming charges.

Data Spend Notifications

When adjusting your International Roaming settings, you can choose to be notified each time your estimated data roaming charges reach $100. We recommend enabling this option and if possible, disable mobile data completely via your device and instead connect to local Wi-Fi networks if you require internet access while overseas.

Roaming Usage Summary

You can view a summary of any roaming charges accrued over the past 30 days (Prepaid customers), or charges accrued in your current billing cycle (Postpaid customers) by logging into the amaysim app or My amaysim.

  • To view roaming charges via My amaysim, you’ll find a notification detailing your roaming charges on the main plan screen. From here you can view a detailed usage report.
  • To view roaming charges via the amaysim app, swipe up from the home screen and select view international roaming details or view summary of charges under International roaming charges.

Note: Charges displayed above may not be current due to delays in receiving your usage information from international roaming partners

Can I use roaming on a cruise ship or plane?

Quick answer

You sure can. Though roaming rates on ships, cruises or aircrafts are limited to calls and texts only- usage of data and MMS is not available. Rates are as follows:

  • Make/receive calls at $4.00/min
  • Check/receive Voicemail at $4.00/min
  • Send SMS for $1.00/each, receive SMS for free

Do I have to switch off roaming when I return home?

Quick answer

Once you arrive back in Australia there's no need to turn international roaming off and your regular plan will resume as per normal. Just be cautious the next time you head overseas with your amaysim SIM, as roaming will remain active unless you manually switch it off.

Having issues with international roaming?

Quick answer

For troubleshooting tips and advice on how to connect to overseas networks, be sure to check out our international roaming help guide.