How can I use International roaming?

Quick answer

By default roaming is disabled for your amaysim account, you can however enable it at any time through Settings in My amaysim.

While international roaming can be easy and convenient, it can also be expensive and we recommend grabbing a local SIM, or at least taking a quick look at our roaming rates for a breakdown of the costs prior to using your SIM card overseas.

How can I use my amaysim service whilst overseas?

You can use your amaysim SIM card to roam in over 50 countries, however although international roaming can be convenient, it can also be expensive and we’d recommend taking a look at our roaming rates for a breakdown of the costs.

You'll need to activate roaming for your account prior to leaving Australia. This can be done through the Settings section of My amaysim or the amaysim app. You can switch roaming off at any time in these areas.

Prepaid customers, you'll need to make sure you have additional credit in your account to cover any roaming costs. Postpaid customers, once roaming has been enabled you'll be able to use your service overseas and will find any additional charges on your next monthly bill.

Note: Data from your amaysim mobile plan, long expiry prepaid plan, international phone plan or data-only plan cannot be used for data roaming.

Unable to connect to an overseas network?

If you’re unable to connect to a network while roaming, you may need to complete a network search and this can be done through the mobile networks/carrier settings area of your phone.

You can select any of the providers that are listed, however you’ll only be able to connect to their network if they’ve got an agreement with our carrier.

Wherever possible, keep your device set to automatic network selection so it can automatically search and connect to available networks as you change location.

Managing spend and usage alerts

When you enable International Roaming, you’ll be asked how you’d like to receive usage notifications for any roaming charges. You can choose to receive these notifications via SMS, email or both (recommended).

Note: If you access your email on a roaming device, you'll be charged the applicable data roaming rate to retrieve any emails. We recommend connecting to nearby Wi-Fi networks when checking for email notifications to help you avoid data roaming charges.

Data Spend Notifications

When adjusting your International Roaming settings, you can choose to be notified each time your estimated data roaming charges reach $100. We recommend enabling this option and if possible, disable mobile data completely via your device and instead connect to local Wi-Fi networks if you require internet access while overseas.

Roaming Usage Summary

You can view a summary of any roaming charges accrued over the past 30 days (Prepaid customers), or charges accrued in your current billing cycle (Postpaid customers) by logging into the amaysim app or My amaysim.

  • To view roaming charges via My amaysim, you’ll find a notification detailing your roaming charges on the main plan screen. From here you can view a detailed usage report.
  • To view roaming charges via the amaysim app, swipe up from the home screen and select view international roaming details or view summary of charges under International roaming charges.

Note: Charges displayed above may not be current due to delays in receiving your usage information from international roaming partners

Roaming tips and tricks

We’ve created some simple tips to help avoid bill shock and minimise expensive roaming charges:

  • Grab a local overseas SIM card: This is a simple, cost-effective way to stay connected overseas without incurring any bill shock;
  • Disable Mobile Data: If you’re using your amaysim SIM to roam, disable the data on your device and connect to nearby WiFi networks when you need to access the internet;
  • Set up a call diversion: To avoid incoming roaming call costs, you can set up a call diversion to your voicemail (you’ll need to organise this prior to leaving Australia).

If you need to disable roaming for your account, head to the Settings section of My amaysim or the amaysim app.

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