amaysim energy changes

changes to amaysim energy

We’ve recently simplified our product offering and from 02 October, amaysim will no longer sell energy services.

The good news if you're an existing amaysim energy customer, is that our friends at AGL will be stepping in to become your energy service provider. AGL now owns and operates amaysim energy.

Don’t worry, you won’t need to lift a finger and there will be no immediate changes to your energy plan or disruptions to your service and you will continue to hear from amaysim regarding your energy plan.

In the meantime, if you need to manage your energy account or make a bill payment, you can continue to do so through My amaysim.

Our mobile plans will not be impacted by this change and we remain extremely excited to continue providing Aussies with great-value mobile products.

Why have you stopped selling energy?

We've always prided ourselves in delivering amazing value and simplicity to our customers and have decided to simplify our product offering, to focus on providing the best possible experience with our mobile plans.

Will I still be able to access my amaysim energy account?

Yes, you will be able to access your amaysim energy account as per normal through My amaysim.

Will my energy rates change or go up?

There will be no change to energy rates for the majority of customers. If there are any changes to your energy rates, AGL will notify you in accordance with your terms and conditions and the relevant regulations.

Will I need to update my payment method?

There will be no change regarding how you pay for your energy service, however, we will be in touch if this was to change in the future.

I’m an existing amaysim energy customer, who can I contact if I have questions about my energy plan?

If you’re an existing amaysim Energy customer, there will be no changes to your energy plan at this time, and you can continue to manage your account or make a bill payment through My amaysim.

If you have any questions or would like to make changes to your service, please contact amaysim’s customer service team on 1300 808 300 who will be able to answer any additional queries you may have.

I’m not a customer of amaysim energy. Where can I sign up for an energy plan today?

If you would like to sign up to an energy plan, please visit for more information about AGL’s energy plan offerings.

Who is AGL?

AGL is a leading integrated essential service provider, with a proud 184 year history of innovation and passionate belief in progress - human and technological.

We searched for a good fit and are extremely confident in the experience AGL will be able to provide with your energy service.

AGL delivers almost 4.2 million gas, electricity and telecommunications services to their residential, small and large business and wholesale customers across Australia.

For more information about AGL and its services, please visit

Will my amaysim mobile service be impacted?

If you’re an existing amaysim mobile customer, nothing will change with your mobile service(s).

If you have a bundled mobile and energy plan, we will be in touch to discuss how this change may impact you.

Can I still purchase an amaysim mobile plan?

Yes and we remain extremely excited to continue providing Aussies with a wide variety of great-value mobile plans.